PR Marriott Rig 50

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PR Marriot Rig 50
PR Marriot Rig 50, Horse Hill, September 2014
Operator PR Marriott Drilling
Current Location PR Marriott Dilling Yard, Danesmoor, Derbyshire
Coordinates 53°09′48.75″N 1°23′33.60″W / 53.1635417°N 1.3926667°W / 53.1635417; -1.3926667Coordinates: 53°09′48.75″N 1°23′33.60″W / 53.1635417°N 1.3926667°W / 53.1635417; -1.3926667
Manufacturer Drillmec
Model HH220
Height 26.4 m (87 ft)
Max Depth 2,000 m (6,600 ft)

PR Marriott Rig 50 is a Drillmec HH220 drilling rig operated by PR Marriott Drilling, purchased for drilling shale wells for Cuadrilla Resources in the UK. Its exact ownership is somewhat but given the extremely close relationship between Cuadrilla Resources and its primary PR Marriott Drilling . It is has previously been contracted by various other UK fracking companies to drill wells, including Third Energy at Kirby Misperton, IGas at Barton Moss and UKOG at Horse Hill.

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